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We are a photography production studio for conferences, congresses, and summits operating in Europe.


During the last couple of years, we were honored to photograph for entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians, web-developers, blockchain fans, marketers, activists, startups, investors, healthcare representatives, networkers, innovators, artists, bloggers, advertising and event agencies, and we are thankful to each and every one of our clients for the trust and confidence in us.

02Latest work


Founded by Valerie Maltseva, Agenda Studio strives to bring aesthetics to corporate photography. That is the baseline and main motivation behind our work.

With so much time and effort that is invested in planning and producing a corporate conference, it is essential to have great images captured of it, for both internal and PR use.

Based in Austria, we work mainly around the DACH region and help commercial representatives to reach their goals with the proper photographic works.


Valerie is a pleasure to work with. Through the preparation phase, during the event, as well in post-production we were very pleased with her professionalism and with the quality of the photographs. She really managed to capture the very essence of our event through her photography. We look forward to working again with Valerie very soon in the future!
Michelle Zitta
Administration manager
We are thankful to Valerie for the great work. Everything was perfect! Also, the feedback from our clients about the pictures was continuously positive.
Elisabeth Santos da Silva Marques
Head of Marketing & Communications
It was the pleasure to work with Valerie. You can feel her commitment to photography in every single picture.
Lucas Hoffmann
Lucas Hoffmann
CEO and Founder
It was great to work with Valerie. Very talented photographer. I'm thankful to her for her professionalism.
Eventmangement Heinreichsberger
Walter Heinreichsberger
CEO and Founder

05Work process

1. Discussing the details in advance

You share the agenda of your conference with us, as well as any additional preferences you might have. We send you the proposal, tailored to the specifics of your event. After the approval of the proposal, we schedule a couple of calls or meet in person before the important date of your conference.

2. Photographing at the conference

We arrive 20 minutes in advance to be able to locate our equipment in the safe, quickly approachable place and prepare for the shooting. We start working right away and are always glad to hear your suggestions, ideas, requests or feedback - feel free to share.

3. Post-production process and Delivery of the files

Next morning after the conference we deliver our clients 15 photos which summarize the ambiance of the event. Sometimes they’d like to post them right away to their social media channels or share with the invited guests or media.

In the evening of the second day after the event, we deliver our clients the access link to the password-protected download of edited photos of the event. The files are available for download both in the resolution optimized for Facebook upload, as well as in high-resolution quality.

4. Feedback

We care about improving our services with every conference we shoot, and your feedback regarding our work is always welcome.

06Frequently asked questions

Contact us via email on a contact page for more information about it - we will be glad to share our proposal with you.

We aim to bring the aesthetic approach to conference photography; to communicate the conference to the viewer not as just some event, but as the fine experience.

Yes. We mostly work around Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, and are open to travel and photograph anywhere else.

We work between 1 to 5 days (8 - 14 hours/day). It depends on your package choice.

Normally, we deliver around 150-250 selected shots from the 8-hour conference shooting. Our clients receive the access link to the password-protected download of edited photos of the event. The files are available for download both in the resolution optimized for facebook/instagram upload, as well as in high-resolution quality.

If your company prefers having the photos of your corporate event in private access only and wouldn’t like us to publish them in our company’s portfolio, the additional 30% fee of the project price applies. Posting the photos of your event online is the common form of advertising and presentation of our work to the other people and potential clients.

Yes, we do photograph conference evening receptions as well.

Generally, we deliver the photos of the 1-day conference on the second day after the event; if it is a conference of 2 or more days - on the third day after the event.

We are shooting with Nikon Z6 with lenses 14mm f/2.8, 24mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.8, and 85mm f/1.8., as well as with Leica M240 with lenses 35mm f/2 and 21mm f/4. We are always having an additional backup camera (Nikon D610).

We normally wear business casual clothing of black or dark color.

We won’t let the common cold interrupt the shoot. But if our photographer gets sick pretty bad, we have a proper replacement.

Yes, we do offer booking of a second photographer for several hours or the whole day, as well as the team of 2+ photographers for bigger events.

Call us or reach out via email. If the dates of your conference are free on our calendar - we'll be glad to book them for your project.